New Developments
Phase two of our Limestone Road developement begins in 2015
We have helped over 200 families find
affordable housing in the last 12 months
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Who We Are

As a voluntary not for profit organisation, Newington is governed by a Board of Management consisting of unpaid volunteers. The Board of Management set the strategic objectives and goals of the organisation and ensures that the organisation operates within its own rules and meets all its legal and financial obligations.

There are currently 13 members of the Board of Management.

The day to day operation of Newington is carried out by 15 full-time and 2 part-time members of staff lead by the Chief Executive, Anthony Kerr.

The Organisation

The organisation is making a unique contribution to some of the most complex societal divisions and, in doing so, setting a new benchmark for how housing associations can support and encourage tenants and communities to get behind the push for a more peaceful society.

Newington manages almost 700 homes in North Belfast and through a formal strategic partnership with Apex Housing Association we have delivered in excess of 300 additional new homes throughout North Belfast over the past few years.

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