At Newington Housing we aim to provide the best possible service to our tenants and those residing within our communities.

We are committed to supporting and developing local communities. Our well-established community relationships and joint working partnerships have assisted us to date in delivering programmes in line with the mission and values of the Association and we hope these foundations will continue to allow us to do so.

We recognise that tenants and resident feedback and active participation are vital in assessing our performance and identifying improvements in how we work.

We wish to encourage people to participate in the activities of Newington in a way that suits them and we would like our tenants to become actively involved in shaping the services we provide.

Our new Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 – 2023 and associated Action Plan have been recently developed and launched by us. Consultation with our Tenants Forum occurred on 04/03/2020 and follow up consultation took place with several key stakeholders throughout April 2020.

Below are several key objectives which we have set to ensure our new Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy complements, supports and effectively delivers our current Three-Year Corporate Plan’s Strategic Objectives. These are:

Our Homes

We will support tenants and community partners to develop initiatives and partnerships which enhance and strengthen new and existing communities.

Our People

We will develop staff to make a difference, whilst also ensuring good organisational governance.

Our Services

We will provide opportunities for tenants to review and scrutinise existing services and to further develop the services that are provided by us.

Our Tenants & Communities

We will deliver all aspects of the Tenant Participation & Community Investment Strategy 2020 – 2023, which will support us to engage with and invest in our communities.

Our Finances

We are committed to funding our community engagement activities either directly or by working in partnership, whilst ensuring value for money and financial scrutiny.


Why not become an Active Tenant

The Association has various ways to encourage and support active participation. Why not take a look at our latest Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 – 2023 and find out more.

Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 - 2023

CLICK HERE: Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 – 2023

We are aware some of our tenants are already involved in participation through local community or resident group or scheme forums; but we aim to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say in the delivery and development of our services.

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