This part of the handbook is a guide for those tenants who have just moved to or are currently living in our Sheltered Scheme at Camberwell Court. It will also provide an overview of the services that are provided within the scheme and the role of the resident Supervisor.

What is Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered housing is a group of flats, specially designed and built for people who are able to live an independent life, but who would benefit from additional security and support.

Your property is fitted with an alarm system that will enable you to contact help in an emergency, 24 hours a day. There is also an opportunity to provide you with daily contact, Monday to Friday, with the Resident Supervisor to monitor your welfare.

Your property may also have special adaptations such as level access showers. Your sheltered housing scheme also has communal facilities such as a common room, kitchen and laundry for tenants’ use. There is also a guest room where relatives or friends can stay for a small charge as well as a hairdresser’s room.

The Role of the Resident Supervisor

The Resident Supervisor in Camberwell Court is part of a team and should work closely with the housing management staff of Newington HA. All should approach their job in a positive and responsible manner, and attempt to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere, where tenants and their relatives may feel very much at home. Camberwell Court should have a distinctive atmosphere, good reputation and offer a warm welcome to residents and visitors. This is achieved by offering residents an independent, community spirited lifestyle. Newington HA will offer comfortable and well maintained accommodation, safety and security, by ensuring daily Resident Supervisor contact to provide reassurance.

Your Resident Supervisor will:
  • with your help complete a support plan that details your individual needs, to enable us to help you to manage an independent lifestyle. Your support plan will be reviewed with you on a regular basis
  • monitor your welfare Monday to Friday or as agreed in your support plan
  • provide support and help in an emergency
  • with your permission, liaise with health, social services, volunteer organisations, and family network
  • help to organise and facilitate social activities and events for the scheme
  • assist you if you have an accident or fall ill suddenly and offer help until your family,
  • friends or the medical services arrive
  • assist in reporting faults if you are unable to do this yourself
  • promote a professional and trusting relationship with you to provide support and security in your home
  • help you to maintain an active and independent life
  • give you help and advice about your tenancy
The Resident Supervisor can also offer advice on:
  • how to report repairs or can do so on your behalf
  • disabled adaptations and tenants’ own improvements
  • now to dispose of household rubbish
  • the location of your fuse box, meters and stopcock
  • how to operate your heating system and door entry system
  • how to operate your Helpline equipment and personal pendant if you have one
  • the fire procedures for your scheme
  • how to get involved with issues that affect your scheme or the area you live in

The Resident Supervisor will advise you on how to use the communal facilities and how to hire the guest room. You will also be advised on when social activities are being organised within the scheme. The Resident Supervisor will advise on other local amenities such as shops, health services and transport links.

The Resident Supervisor or Housing Officer will also advise you in how to pay your rent and apply for Welfare Benefits.

What the Resident Supervisor Cannot Do
  • carry out duties which are the responsibility of other organisations, for example social services, home helps or care workers
  • act as a home carer, nurse or night sitter
  • administer drugs or medication of any kind
  • do your washing, shopping, cleaning or cook your meal
  • look after your valuables
  • accept gifts for personal gain
Helpline Alarm Call Equipment

Each apartment is fitted with helpline equipment to enable you to get help in an emergency if required. If you use this equipment during office hours it will contact the Resident Supervisor. If it is outside office hours it will contact a call centre operated by Fold Telecare and they will provide you with assistance. The Resident Supervisor will ensure that you can operate this equipment and it will be regularly maintained.

Television License

Living in Sheltered Accommodation may entitle you to a concessionary Television Licence at a reduced cost. Under current rules if you are over 75 your television licence is free. The Resident Supervisor will advise on this.

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