How to apply for a home?

​To learn about how to apply for a home, follow this link to the Housing Executive page:​
in case the above link doesn’t work,  please find below the content which was last updated on the 1st of April 2013.

Applying from within Northern Ireland?

Call NIHE on 03448 920 900 to make your application. NIHE will make an appointment for you to be visited. However, if you are a housing association tenant wishing to transfer then you should still contact your housing association.

If you are applying for housing and you are currently living in Northern Ireland, you can download the housing/transfer application form (below). You can also use this form if you want to apply for sheltered housing or specialist accommodation where extra support is available. You can also get a form from your local Housing Executive or housing association office.

Download: Housing/Transfer Application Form

Applying from outside Northern Ireland?

NIHE welcomes applications from people living outside Northern Ireland. Your eligibility for housing in Northern Ireland and your housing needs will be assessed in the same way as any other applicant. However, as NIHE cannot carry out a visit, you will need to complete a self -assessment form.

Download: Housing/Transfer Application Form (Outside N.I.)

What to do next?

You should return the form to the Housing Executive office responsible for the area where you live, or return it to your nearest housing association office who will then send it to the correct office.

Help for younger people
NIHE has additional help and advice for younger people.

Apply for a Housing Transfer or a Swap
If you are already a NIHE or Housing Association tenant, please contact your landlord to apply to apply for a transfer.

As a social housing tenant you may be eligible to swap your home with another social tenant even if you do not share the same landlord. All Housing Associations and the NIHE have made a dedicated home swapping service available to all of its tenants.

HomeSwapper can help you find a swap with someone who needs somewhere bigger to live.

Here’s how HomeSwapper works:

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your details and the details of the type of home you’re looking for
  3. HomeSwapper will automatically match you to possible home swaps.

Once you find a suitable match it is important that you obtain property permission from both landlords before you begin to swap home. If you do swap home without the knowledge or permission of your landlord you will be in breach of you tenancy agreement and may lose your home.

Please contact your Housing Officer for specific advice on making a transfer application or swapping your home.

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