Carrying out the work
NHA staff will raise a repair request for the approved works and inform you of the classification group the repair falls into and indicate when the work is likely to commence. The contractor will be advised immediately of the repair request and requested to attend to the repair request within the allotted time frame of the order. The Association requests that all tenants co-operate with our contractors and agents on access to remedy faults within your home.

The Association tries to administer all reports of repairs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If your repair is not carried out within the repair times previously stated, or has not been completed to a satisfactory standard, then you should contact the Association and your complaint can be investigated. Please note: If you are unsure about a caller to your home, request proof of identity before allowing them into your property.

Keeping Tenants’ Informed
If you provide staff with a contact telephone number you will usually be informed of the time and date of any inspections that are necessary. You will also be informed of the date when the contractor must have the work completed by. Access arrangement and reminders can also be made via text message and you will be given the opportunity to participate in a satisfaction survey when the work is completed.​​

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