Paying your Charges is secure, safe and easy. NHA offers a wide range of options. These are as follows:

AllPay Payment Card

  • Rent can be paid at the Post Office or any PayPoint outlet.

Your Allpay Card can be used to make payments with a debit card at

  • You will pay by cash using your card and please retain your receipt as proof of payment

If you lose your Allpay Card please contact our office immediately

Please note: The Association does not usually accept cash at our office

Payment by Standing Order

  • Rent can be paid by Standing Order from your bank account. The necessary forms and details are available from the Association.

Please note: Newington HA recommend that you notify your Housing Officer in advance of using this method of payment as confusion can arise over amounts due on a monthly basis (52 weeks in a financial year) and the need to identify the correct payee when the association receives cash from tenants on its bank statement.

Housing Benefit

  • Housing Benefit is processed and paid by the NIHE (Northern Ireland Housing Executive) and is ‘means tested’. Newington HA staff can offer advice and information on procedures in the completion of Housing Benefit application forms, which are available at our office.
  • Any claim for housing benefit will be determined by your state benefits or household income.
  • Tenants are held liable to make up any shortfall in relation to their rent or any other charges that are not covered by Housing Benefit.

Difficulties Paying Rent and Falling Into Arrears

If you fall behind in your rent or your rent account goes into arrears it is advisable that you seek help immediately and arrange a meeting with your Housing Officer to discuss the matter fully. Your Housing Officer will deal with your case in a sensitive and confidential manner and can also provide you with advice on how to manage debt, for example:

  • Assisting you in applying for Housing Benefit or Rate Relief
  • Changing your payment method e.g. setting up a standing order
  • Contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau or an Independent Advice Agency on your behalf
  • Advise you on entering a rent arrears agreement to make affordable weekly payments to gradually clear the rent arrears
  • Referring you to the Housing Rights “Tenant Debt Advice Service” for free, confidential information, advice and support.

You should not ignore any arrears letters you receive. if you are in arrears and do not make an arrangement to repay, you may not be able to transfer and you may not be able to exercise your right to buy. This may lead to Newington HA commencing legal action to recover the debt and may also lead to you losing your home.

Other recovery methods include: •

  • proceedings can be initiated to recover the debt through the Courts. If the arrears are not paid the Association can obtain a Court Order which may be enforced by the Enforcement of Judgements Office, requiring your employer to deduct rent payments from your earnings
  • direct deductions can be made from your Social Security Benefits or your salary if you work for a Public Authority
  • as a last resort, the Association will initiate legal proceedings for the possession of the dwelling. This may result in eviction.



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