Newington Housing Association operates within the North Belfast area; providing high quality homes for families, the elderly, single adults and with the Depaul Ireland it jointly manages a homeless family hostel (Mater Dei).


For nearly 50 years the Association has been providing support and creating opportunities for people in need.

The Association is registered with the Department for Communities. The Department regulates the association’s activities and awards capital grants to build new accommodation. This is augmented by private finance.

The day to day activities and service provisions of the Association are funded through rental income from tenants.

We are an affiliated member of the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations and recognised as having charitable status by The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Our Vision

“Building Community”

Our Mission

“To work with our partners to provide homes and services in safe, diverse, vibrant and confident communities”

Our Values

We will work and engage with others to achieve results and provide solutions.

We will be open and transparent in what we do and maintain the highest standards of governance.

We will focus on the needs of the community as well as the individual. We will work with others to nurture respect and promote inclusion in all the communities we serve.

We will continue to provide high quality homes, services and support and will strive to continuously improve.

Value for Money
We will ensure that our resources are used to obtain the best outcomes in the most effective and efficient way.

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