All repair requests are divided into the following categories, which determine the response time of the service we wish to provide to tenants.

Immediate Call Out

This category of repair will be attended by the contractor within 4 hours. These are faults which can affect the health and safety of the tenant, the general public or which could present an immediate risk to the fabric of the building. Immediate Call Out will cover the escape of gas or fumes and similar types of faults as the emergency category but those which are of a higher risk to person and property.

Emergency Repairs

The fault will be attended to and made safe within 24 hours. Examples include, serious electrical faults, sewage overflow into the dwelling, securing the dwelling from vandalism or forced entry, water penetration via the roof, and burst water pipes, tanks and service pipes in your home. This list is not comprehensive, but indicative of the term ‘Emergency’, where the tenant or public are endangered or there is a risk of serious damage to the property.

Urgent Repairs

These are repairs which are not emergencies but where a swift response is needed. These will be attended to within 4 working days of the time the repair was reported to the Association. Examples include a partial loss of electrical power, a minor leak an insecure external window or communal door lock.

Routine Repairs

All other necessary repairs not included in a planned maintenance scheme or existing contract are included in this category. Repairs in this category will be attended to within 4 weeks of the time the repair was reported to the Association. These repairs do not cause a major inconvenience to tenants or staff or damage the fabric of the building.  Examples include, broken roof tiles, slates and lead flashing, clearing out rain water goods, easing /refitting doors or window sashes, repairs to external render or plaster work, repairs to solid or suspended floors or floor tiles, repairs to internal joinery, chimney stacks, pots caps and cowls, fire hearths, surrounds and side tiles, kitchen units and fittings.

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