Newington HA is committed to encouraging and maintaining good communication with our tenants in all matters relating to their tenancy. We will consult with tenants particularly where there are physical improvements to your property proposed or there is a proposed change in the arrangements for management and maintenance, which substantially affects you.

Newington HA also values the views of tenants and their representatives on existing service delivery, policies and procedures to help improve performance. Consultation may take the form of but is not restricted to individual letters, newsletters, public meetings, residents or tenant forums and tenant satisfaction surveys.

Tenants Forums and Residents Associations

Involvement is good for neighbourhoods, good for tenants and residents and good for landlords. Newington HA would encourage the development of Residents Associations in areas that areas that do not have one and encourage tenants to become involved in areas that do. Newington HA has already established positive working relationships with many local Residents & Community groups and believes they are very effective at solving problems, suggesting improvements and representing the local community.

If you would like more information on local Residents or Tenants Associations or would like advice on how to establish an Association please contact our offices.

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