As a voluntary not for profit organisation, Newington is governed by a Board of Management consisting of unpaid volunteers. The Board of Management set the strategic objectives and goals of the organisation and ensures that the organisation operates within its own rules and meets all its legal and financial obligations.

There are currently 14 members of the Board of Management including 4 officers. They are as follows:

  • Mr Sean McKenna (Chair)
  • Mr Niall Kelly (Vice Chair)
  • Mr Chris McCarroll (Secretary)
  • Mrs Rosaleen Bradley (Treasurer)
  • Mrs Carmel McGuinness
  • Mr Peter Privilege MBE
  • Mr George Walsh MBE
  • Mr Michael Bright
  • Mr Lawrence Mooney
  • Mr Frank Dunne
  • Ms Sarah Walsh
  • Mrs Jayne Loughran
  • Ms Louise Harvey
  • Ms Bernadette Hassan

Also, to assist the main Board to effectively govern Newington, there are also 5 committees comprised of Board Members. These committees provide detailed governance and strategic direction to specific operational areas within Newington. These are;

Operations Committee

Members: Sean McKenna (Chair), Michael Bright & Peter Privilege

Finance Committee

Members: Rosaleen Bradley (Chair), Chris McCarroll, Michael Bright, Lawrence Mooney & Frank Dunne

Development Committee

Members: Chris McCarroll (Chair), Michael Bright,  & Carmel McGuinness

Audit & Risk Committee

Members: Niall Kelly (Chair), Peter Privilege & George Walsh

Human Resources & Remuneration Committee

Members:  (Chair), Sean McKenna, Chris McCarroll, Carmel McGuinness & Niall Kelly


How To Become a Shareholder or Join the Board Of Management
NHA requires volunteer Board Member(s) who are socially-motivated with experience and skills fields such as community development, business, personnel, construction, law and finance would be advantageous.

Expressions of interest are particularly welcome from women and men living or working in North Belfast. NHA are particularly keen to attract respondents from the nine groups covered by Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

If you feel that you can support our activities and bring experience and expertise to our organisation, please write to:-

The Secretary
BT15 3AR

Or telephone 028 9074 4055 for further advice.

Before you apply, kindly read more on the role of the Board of Management* and our Shareholder Membership Policy, which are available on request.

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