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The House Sales Scheme for tenants of Registered Housing Associations is due to end from midnight on 27th August 2022.

From 28th August 2022, the scheme will be closed to applications and Housing Association tenants will no longer be able to buy their home.

Any eligible Newington Housing tenants who wish to buy their home must make an application through the existing House Sales Scheme before the deadline of midnight of the 27th of August 2022.


 Why is the scheme ending?

The reasons for this change are complex. The way Housing Associations are classified for public accounting purposes changed. This change would potentially result in significant detrimental impacts for the building of social homes here. Social homes are hugely important in our society and the Executive decided that this classification issue needed to be addressed so that we could continue to deliver as much social housing as possible. To secure the future of social housing, the legislation that had to be introduced meant the House Sales Scheme for Housing Association tenants must end.

 Is the House Sales Scheme being ended for all social housing tenants?

No. The changes in legislation introduced last year will end the scheme for Housing Association tenants only.

 Why are NI Housing Executive tenants not affected?

Although the two House Sales Schemes operate on similar criteria, they are separate. The Housing Executive scheme was not affected by the change in accounting rules and the legislation passed in August 2020 did not include the Housing Executive scheme. The Minister has outlined that she does intend to look at the future of the Housing Executive House Sales Scheme.

When does the Statutory House Sales Scheme end?

While ending the Housing Association House Sales Scheme the legislation allowed for a transitional period of 2 years from 28th August 2020. This gives time for eligible tenants to be aware of the closure and exercise their right within that timeframe. This means that the scheme will end at midnight on 27th August 2022.

 Can I still apply to buy my house until that date?

Yes. Newington Housing will accept applications from tenants to buy their homes under the Statutory House Sales Scheme up until midnight on 27th August 2022. The rules of the scheme will continue to apply up until that date and the rules can either be obtained from Newington directly by phoning 028 9074 4055, emailing or can be accessed on the Department for Communities website at:

What will happen after the closing date?

If an application to purchase a house has been received by Newington Housing Association before midnight on 27th August 2022, it will be dealt with in the usual manner. If Newington requires further information from the proposed purchaser, the application to purchase will remain valid.


 What if I have bought equity in a Housing Association property and wish to buy more equity after 27th August 2022?

If you have previously entered into an agreement with Newington Housing under our Golden Share or any other equity sharing scheme, you will still be able to purchase more equity after 27th August 2022 and avail of any remaining discount you are entitled to (if applicable).

How do I apply to purchase my home before the deadline of 27th August 2022?

Applications can be made by contacting Damian Murphy, Head of Property Services & Development at Newington Housing on 028 9074 4055 or by emailing

Additional advice and guidance

Further information about the House Sales scheme can be accessed by visiting:

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