Launch of our new Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 – 2023

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The Association is delighted to announce the launch of our new Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 – 2023.

Initial consultation with our Tenants Forum took place in March 2020, followed by a period of consultation throughout April 2020 with local politicians, statutory agencies, key stakeholders, Newington’s staff and Board of Management and our community partners.

The Association wishes to thank all those that responded during the consultation process as the feedback we received was extremely welcomed, positive and beneficial in assisting us to produce this document.

Below are the main strategic objectives we hope to achieve during the lifetime of our new Strategy:

  • Our Homes: We will support tenants and community partners to develop initiatives and partnerships which enhance and strengthen new and existing communities.
  • Our People: We will develop staff to make a difference, whilst also ensuring good organisational governance.
  • Our Tenants & Communities: We will deliver all aspects of the Tenant Participation & Community Investment Strategy 2020 – 2023, which will support us to engage with and invest in our communities.
  • Our Services: We will provide opportunities for tenants to review and scrutinise existing services and to further develop the services that are provided by us.
  • Our Finances: We are committed to funding our community engagement activities either directly or by working in partnership, whilst ensuring value for money and financial scrutiny.

Over the coming months and years ahead, we plan to work closely in partnership with our Tenant Forum members, other interested tenants, local residents’ groups and our statutory and community partners to achieve targeted and meaningful outcomes laid out within this document.

Commenting on the launch of our new TP & CI Strategy 2020 – 2023, Newington’s C.E.O, Anthony Kerr said: “Our Board of Management, myself and every one of my team view the successful delivery of tenant led initiatives, active participation, local accountability and community empowered, along with the views, ideas and feedback which we receive from our tenants and other external stakeholders; as essential and influential tools when monitoring, reviewing, evaluating and shaping the vast range of services we provide.

For many years, our community ethos and culture has resulted in us actively encouraging, supporting and promoting meaningful tenant participation and we aim to continue to play a pivotal role in developing and supporting local communities; whether that be through the delivery of new projects or via our continued active participation in the various multi-agency working groups and community led initiatives, which we attend.

I, along with everyone associated with Newington are looking forward to developing new and strengthening existing partnerships during the next three years of this Strategy and I am in no doubt that we will all continue proactively strive to acquire and deliver positive outcomes for our tenants and the local communities in which we serve.”

To view our new Tenant Participation & Community Involvement Strategy 2020 – 2023, please visit:

Finally, if you like further information about our new Strategy, please feel free to contact our Head of Housing, Jacqui Gilmore or Community Engagement Officer, Martin Hamilton on 028 9074 4055.


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