Newington continues to make a difference – Michaela’s Story

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Due to many health difficulties which my sister and I now suffer, acquiring a bungalow to help meet our long-term needs was a must. I cannot tell you how many times I have lost heart and felt disappointment, as I thought one would never become available.

Then one day a few weeks ago a letter arrived that would change everything. That letter was from Newington Housing offering me a new and more suitable home. I remember just reading it and then rushing out to get a glimpse of what we had been offered. I remember saying to myself ‘you haven’t even received the keys and are unable to see inside’, but I just acted on impulse.

I will always remember the first time I laid eyes on my new home. I just knew in my heart that it was to be the future home my sister and I had strived to acquire for many years.

During the arranged viewing, the excitement of walking around it for the first time just reaffirmed my initial feelings, that I had found the perfect home. No more stairs to negotiate, no fire, no ashes to empty, just a button to press and instant heat and hot water.

I have had such a wonderful time picking curtains, furnishing and decorating it over the past few weeks, to make it our dream home.

Having lived in my old home all my life I thought the move would be very difficult, but thanks to the team at Newington Housing and Agnes Fraser from Tar Isteach, who worked tirelessly to help me acquire our new home, I have no regrets with the move at all.

Our new neighbours are warm, kind and friendly and we have been welcomed with open arms. There is a lovely park nearby and everyone whom I have met to date have a polite word to say and a welcoming smile.

I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has helped and supported me and my sister over the past few weeks. Our new home offers us so many new opportunities and has provided us with a basis to acquire new happiness and lifelong contentment.


Pictured above: Michela with her new Housing Officer, Eddie McBrien



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