SSSC & Benefit Cap Mitigated Payment Protection could cease from March 2020

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Approximately 150 of our tenants are currently in receipt of mitigated payments, which is a top up payment which contributes towards tenants current housing costs in respect of the Social Sector Size Criteria (more commonly known as the Bedroom Tax) and The Benefit Cap. The mitigation was created to soften the impact of UK wide welfare reforms in Northern Ireland and to help those mostly affected by them.

Current legislation passed by the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2016 is due to cease at the end of March 2020. The Association acknowledges that if these payments cease, our tenants are likely to face hardship as they will have to meet these costs directly themselves and make payment of any shortfall to us, the landlord.

Over the coming weeks, Newington staff will be contacting all affected tenants who are currently in receipt of mitigated payments. It is important that tenants provide us with up to date information regarding the size and make up of their households.

If there have recently been additions to your household make-up, can you please contact us immediately on 028 9074 4055.

NHA have recently joined the Cliff Edge NI Coalition, which has been set up to lobby government on the potential ending of mitigation protection measures in March 2020. At present there are over 70 members (including NIFHA and some other local HA’s).

Please click on the below link to view Cliff Edge NI Coalition’s submission to the Joint Inquiry into Welfare policy in Northern Ireland.

Coalition Submission to NI Affairs Committee




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