Update on the roll out of our Planned & Cyclical Maintenance Programme of Works for 2021 – 2022

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The Association is continuing to roll out our Planned & Cyclical Maintenance programmes for 2021/22. Since April this year, we have completed or are in the process of carrying out the following:

  • Upgrade our existing CCTV systems at Camberwell Court, Lisieux House, Richmond Lodge and our Delaware Building – completed
  • Install new CCTV systems at 232 Limestone Road, 124 and 126 Antrim Road – completed
  • Install a new door entry system at Lisieux House – completed
  • Replace 5 no. existing gas boilers that are due for renewal – completed
  • External works to two properties at Meadow Place & Fortfield Place to compliment the recent interface re-imaging work carried out by the Department of Justice – completed
  • Upgrade existing CCTV systems at Mater Dei Hostel – completed
  • Replace existing windows and rear doors at 6 of our general needs properties – works ongoing
  • Upgrade of Lisieux House’s flat roofs and eaves – works ongoing
  • Planned maintenance works at Mater Dei Hostel – works ongoing
  • Carryout the replacement of 52 kitchens – works ongoing
  • Servicing of our Mechanical Ventilation Heating Recovery systems fitted within some of our homes – works ongoing
  • Internal redecoration and replacement of flooring within Lisieux House and 232 Limestone Road – works ongoing
  • Carry out further planned NICEIC’s Electric Inspections – works ongoing



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