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In mid-October, our Head of Development & Property Services Damian Murphy assisted in completing mock interviews with St Malachy’s Year 14 pupils. This provided the students with an opportunity to practice their interview skills, help them prepare for the future and support good decision making, which was a key objective of the programme.

Geraldine McAlinden from St Malachy College said “On behalf of the College and our Year 14 pupils, I wish to express our sincere thanks to all those who assisted in providing guidance and support at our recent Mock Interview Event. All of the boys found the experience a very positive one and noted this and their appreciation of all our interviewers in their evaluations.

Judging by both verbal and written comments, each pupil has learned a lot and has taken to heart the advice provided regarding personal statements, course and career choices as well as interview technique. Many admit they are now more inspired to achieve their best and they look to the future with more confidence, determination and realism.

A significant number of staff also have commented on the very positive feedback they have received from the boys in class. All those that participated in the event added tremendous value to the ‘Careers’ experience of our pupils and I hope to be in contact regarding further collaborations in the future”.

Damian Murphy went on to say “On behalf of the Association I wish to convey my congratulations to all the students for the way they conducted themselves during the interview process, and I extend my best wishes to them with the remainder of their academic year and also wish them every success in achieving their own personal aspirations, moving forward”.


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