New Lodge New Build Update

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Ongoing New Lodge New Build Redevelopment continues to deliver essential new homes to North Belfast

Following on from our successful delivery of 56 new homes in 2017/2018, the Association is pleased to report we are on track to acquire an additional 88 new homes within 2018/19.

In June 2018, we were delighted to take possession of 31 new homes, which were acquired through completion of Phase 1 of the New Lodge Redevelopment Scheme.

A further 8 new homes were acquired under Phase 2 in early September 2018.

An additional 18 new homes will be acquired by under Phase 3 in mid-December 2018, whilst the remaining 31 new homes, under Phases 4 & 5, will be completed in early 2019.

As part of the handover process, tenant welcome boxes were distributed by the Association and Abunance Grace, a local Christian organisation based in McCrory Hall on Duncairn Gardens.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Management within Newington Housing, we wish to express a warm welcome to our new tenants and sincerely thank all those who played a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery and handover of such essential new homes for the local area.

Moving forward, we as an organisation intend to continue to build upon our recent growth and success, whilst ensuring our service delivery standards to our existing tenant are maintained and remain at the core of what we do.

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