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Newington Housing is proud to announce the establishment of our new Tenants Forum, which we hope will assist us in shaping how we deliver future services to our tenants. With the support of Empowering Communities, we have been working with interested tenants over the past few months, to ensure they are fully equipped, as a new member, with the necessary skills and confidence to fully engage within the Forum setting.

We welcome any new Expressions of Interest from tenants who haven’t yet recorded their interest in becoming a member of the Forum. We also recognised that our tenants live extremely busy lives and may not be able to fully commit to participate in the Tenants’ Forum; but may be happy to contribute in other ways.

Below are some of the additional ways our tenants can become involved and participate in developing our services.

• Be available to complete telephone questionnaires/surveys
• Assist in reviewing N.H.A policies manually or electronically, via emails
• Participate in Mystery Shopping exercises
• Reviewing Maintenance performance standards by our Contractors
• Reviewing Housing Management processes you may have availed of
• Review/Verify findings of Annual Satisfaction Surveys

Anyone interested in partaking in any of the above methods of participation can contact our Community Engagement Officer, Martin Hamilton, on 028 9074 4055, for further information.

We acknowledge that some of our tenants may not want to partake; however we will of course keep all our tenants informed of our progress moving forward.

Finally, we would encourage any tenant who may have other ideas on how we can develop additional opportunities for tenants to participate, to let us know, as your suggestions and feedback are extremely important to us.

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